The ERC protocol helps SME businesses go carbon-free

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The Need

98% of business in Australia are small to medium enterprises (SMEs). That’s 2.4 million businesses!

  • Together, they produce a lot of carbon emissions. 
  • Carbon emissions are bad for the environment. 
  • They feed the climate crisis.

We need to change. SMEs need to reduce their emissions. SMEs need a climate action program.

The Difficulty

But cutting carbon is difficult for SMEs. Most programs out there are:

  • Complex with 1000s of pages of guides and rules 
  • Expensive with lots of hidden costs and consultant fees 
  • Time consuming, requiring weeks or months, to start and even longer to maintain! 
  • Needing specialist knowledge which is hard or expensive to get 
  • Hard to communicate in ways that deliver benefits to your business
The Difficulty
The Solution

The Solution

ERC Australia is the solution! 

At ERC Australia, we’re all about helping your SME go carbon free.

ERC Australia offers a unique, simple and affordable climate action program tailored just for SMEs.

Our climate action program features a five-stage accreditation process, called the ERC Protocol. 

Our Team

How did the ERC Protocol come together?

ERC Australia was set up to make it easier for small to medium enterprises (SMEs) to go carbon-free. 

That matters because we are in a climate crisis which poses an unprecedented threat to life on earth.

SMEs are the backbone of our society. They make up 98% of all businesses in Australia. That’s 2.4 million businesses.

Because there are so many SMEs, they have a lot of power. 

The choices SMEs make can help lessen the impacts of climate change. That will save lives and protect the planet for future generations. 

At ERC Australia we want every SME to take action on climate change. That’s why we created a simple and affordable climate action program designed for SMEs called the ERC Protocol. 

ERC protocol

One program, one amazing team

ERC Australia
  • ERC Protocol developers 
  • Carbon policy and strategy 
  • Support team 
  • Webminars Partnership
  • Carbon accounting 
  • Carbon calculators 
  • Carbon reporting 
  • Carbon advisory 
  • Carbon education 
  • Carbon credits
  • Technology platform 
  • Cloud experts 
  • APIs 
  • Data security 
  • AI and Blockchain

The ERC Protocol is trusted by Industry Associations and SMEs

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