Help remove unavoidable emissions by sponsoring Australian projects.

ERC Protocol Members move to support projects once they have a plan to reduce their emissions by completing Stages 1 through 3 in the platform.  

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Project ERC
Sponsoring Projects

ERC Protocol Projects

Delve into the heart of Stage 4: Support, where we take actionable steps towards a greener future through project sponsorship. Here's how we make a tangible difference:

  • Our Stage 4: Support means sponsoring projects that help remove unavoidable emissions - such as the emissions caused by vehicles, waste and travel.
  • Key Projects: ERC Australia focus on initiatives such as regenerating Australian farmland to enhance carbon capture in native plants and optimising forestry for increased renewable tree growth.
  • Local Focus: ERC Australia prioritises 100% Australian projects, fostering local job creation and community investment through a circular economy approach.
  • Sponsorship Measurement: Contributions are quantified by the tonne of carbon emissions reduced, with guidelines tailored to each member's business size.
  • Government Oversight: Rest assured, all projects align with the regulations set by the Commonwealth Government's Clean Energy Regulator.
  • Benefits: Join ERC Australia to swiftly progress through Stage 4 sponsorship, earning recognition and an official certificate upon completion.

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The New Leaf Carbon Project

Location: Tasmania, managed by the Tasmanian Land Conservancy. 

Scope: 12,000 hectares across Tasmania, focuses on nature conservation while fostering a culture of inquiry, science and research.

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Tinder Box Reserve - Matt Palmer

Savanna Management

Location: Jawoyn land in the Northern Territory, managed by the Jawoyn Association.

Scope: Represents over 600 Jawoyn members and covers regions including Katherine, Kakadu, and Roper.

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Jawoyn Fire 2 Project

Native Forest Regeneration

Location: Paroo region, southwest Queensland

Scope: Spans over 19,000 hectares, focused on re-establishing native forests on previously cleared land.

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Charleville - view of landscape and car driving

Tasmanian Forest Growth

Location: Northern Tasmania, managed by Forico

Impact: Captures an additional 200,000 tones of carbon over 10 years, supporting long-term carbon storage in structural timber and creating regional jobs.

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What types of projects can we sponsor through ERC Australia?

You can sponsor a wide range of environmental projects, from local initiatives to larger, national efforts focused on carbon reduction and sustainability. 

How does sponsoring a project benefit my business?

Sponsoring projects not only contributes to a healthier planet by helping remove unavoidable emissions from the atmosphere but also boosts your business's credentials, enhancing your brand image and appeal to eco-conscious consumers.

Can we choose specific projects to sponsor or is it allocated by ERC Australia?

You have the freedom to choose projects that align with your business values. We're here to advise and provide options that match your preferences and goals.

Our website currently showcases the projects we work closely with; however, if your business already sponsors projects outside of the ones we offer, you can email these to us. We will then upload these to your profile, marking Stage 4 as achieved in your Emissions Reduction Plan. 

We only support official carbon credit unit projects for Stage 4, such as Australian Carbon Credit Units and recognised international carbon credit programs. 

If you have donated money to support environmental causes that aren’t official carbon credit unit projects, these can be added as actions in Stage 2.

What is an Australian Carbon Credit Unit (ACCU)?

An ACCU is an Australian carbon credit unit.

An ACCU is like a gold star for helping the environment in Australia. Each ACCU means one tonne less of nasty greenhouse gases in the air. You can earn ACCUs by doing good stuff like planting trees or managing waste better. They're like a pat on the back for businesses who still have some emissions from things like driving or flying for work. 

When a business gets or supports ACCUs, it's like they're balancing out these emissions. The Australian Government keeps an eye on these ACCUs (via Australian Government Clean Energy Regulator ) to make sure everything's fair and square. 

At ERC Australia, we're all about these ACCUs in Stage 4 of our program, where we support projects that really make a difference in cleaning up the air. These projects are super strict and top-notch in quality!

Do you support Australian projects?

Yes – these are the only projects we support. Your sponsorship is injected back into the local economy, creating regional jobs and supporting local innovation.

All of our projects are regulated and monitored by the Commonwealth Government’s Clean Energy Regulator.

How is the price per tonne for projects determined?

ERC Australia sources projects from a range of sellers. Price per tonne is determined by the seller based on supply and demand. Pricing has been increasing as more businesses participate in climate action. 

ERC Australia takes the market price and applies GST and a small administration fee. Because we only support high quality Australian projects, the pricing tends to be higher as the demand for these projects is higher.

To balance this, our program only requires relatively small contributions by members, which add together to support State and National targets.

Supporting Australian projects also means supporting local jobs, most of which are in regional areas. 

Where does my sponsorship payment go?

Stage 4 of our program requires sponsoring projects that remove your unavoidable emissions, such as transport, waste and travel. This helps to mitigate a members climate impact whilst they are implementing actions to reduce and avoid emissions. It also creates increased demand for these projects, which are fundamental to achieving Australia's net zero targets.  

Payment covers the cost of procuring the selected volume of tonnes for your chosen project (which ultimately goes back to the project owner), GST and an administration fee for ERC Australia.

All projects are administered by the rules of the Clean Energy Regulator. ERC Australia ensures the volume sponsored is transacted on the CER registry and officially "retired" to complete the offset process.