We believe in making a real difference, not in charging high fees. 
Enjoy developing and communicating a climate action plan with us at prices that are friendly to your budget.

ERC Stage5 Estimated

Base Program

Suits micro and small businesses, 
office businesses, <20 employees

$13.99 /month1
per business

Pay monthly

$157.80 /year1
per business

Pay yearly (Save 6%)
  • Five-stage program 
  • Estimated emissions 
  • Standard reports 
  • Cancel anytime
ERC Stage5 Verified

Advanced Reporting

Upgrade Option

For medium businesses, complex 
businesses, >20 employees

$598 /year2
per business

Additional Yearly Fee

  • Detailed emission assessment and report 
  • Carbon accountant reviewed

1. Pricing excludes participation in sponsoring projects, which is a voluntary option to complete Stage 4 of the accreditation. 
2. Advanced accreditation is purchased within the program and unlocks upgraded emissions reporting.

Additional benefits most programs don’t offer

The ERC Protocol is trusted by Industry Associations and SMEs


Why is the ERC Protocol so affordable?

Our pricing and program is designed to: 

  1. Promote broadscale participation and build habits in actions that reduce emissions. This achieves impact. 
  2. Direct limited resources to action, not administration. 

We want you to invest in positive change, not in program fees. 

What does your subscription provide?

Your subscription will give you access to: 

  • Our five-stage action program and tools 
  • Estimate your emissions using our calculator 
  • Develop your own emissions reduction plan 
  • Stage badges and logos 
  • Your unique QR code for other to view your plan 
  • Creating and joining groups with other businesses
  • Australia and State/Territory summary reports 
  • Certification sticker sheet 

Your subscription will NOT give you access to: 

  • Cost of your climate actions, including sponsoring projects. 
Are there different pricing plans based on business size or stage?

No. It does not matter what your business size is or what stage you complete, the ERC Protocol fee is the same. 

We offer tailored programs for Industry Associations and Large Corporates Scope 3. Please get in touch with us so we can help you develop your program. 

Is there a free trial or a demo I can check out first?

We do not offer a free trial. However, we have monthly demo sessions in which we show you the platform, how our program can help you develop an Emissions Reduction Plan and how to use the platform. Check out this link for the upcoming demo sessions. 

What payment methods do you accept, and are there any long-term contracts?

Pay online effortlessly with Stripe! Choose from convenient monthly or yearly plans, and set it up to renew automatically. It's a breeze to manage your payments with us. 

"It was all so simple and exactly what we needed and wanted as an eco-conscious small business keen to do better! It made us realise how much we were already doing to actively reduce our carbon emissions and gave us heaps of practical ideas on how we can further reduce them. Even small changes make such a difference!"

- Director/Owner, Zoe Exton at Tasmanian Mountain Bike

"We ran into a few issues due to the way our organisation works which is slightly different, as well as our offices being rented in a heritage building - however the ERC team has been super helpful in working through it all! Also, the way the action plan set-up is laid out looks amazing!"

- Office and Ticketing Manager, Linda Morrow, Festival of Voice

"Overall, I found it very intuitive. As someone who isn't experienced in technical reporting, I felt able to manage the process, without being overwhelmed."

- Coordinator, Joanna Gair at Bass Strait Maritime Centre

“Completing the ERC Action Plan was not a resource-intensive process - it included actions we have already taken, options we were considering, and suggested actions of which we weren’t aware. It allowed us to set realistic, manageable and flexible goals for emissions reduction,"

- Owner, Kylie Quilliam at Laid Black Manor

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