We offer a simple and affordable climate action program to help SMEs go carbon free. 

The ERC Protocol can be implemented and used by:

  • Industry Associations 
  • Large Corporates (Scope 3 supplier engagement)
  • Micro, Small and Medium Business 
Easy to do
Easy to do
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Exceptional value
Exceptional value
User friendly
User friendly
Creates reports to share
Creates reports to share
Entry level to advanced need
Entry level to advanced needs

The ERC Protocol is trusted by Industry Associations and SMEs

Micro, Small and Medium Business

Discover the key benefits of joining our program and how it can positively impact your business and community. 

The ERC Protocol will help you save operating costs, win more business, comply with procurement standards and help improve your community.

Industry Associations

Transform your members' decarbonisation goals into a practical, impactful program. 

Here's what we bring to the table:

  • Turn your strategic sustainability aspirations for members into an actual program. 
  • One program for all your members – no need to segregate members and find multiple solutions. 
  • Track and monitor participation and impact of your entire association. 
  • Retain your identity: we offer grey and white label options. 
  • We offer workshops, pilots, training and education. 
  • We have API options to run the program from your existing member portals. 
  • Adopt a user-pay or centrally funded model. 

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Who is using it?

ATIC members can join for free.

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Wine Tasmania members can join for free.

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TICT members can join for free. 

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Industry Association Testimonial

See the difference we make through the eyes of our trusted clients. 

Our testimonial section is filled with inspiring stories of successful Industry Associations rolling out our program to their members. 

Discover how we're changing the game together!


When we came across ERC – a Tassie-owned & operated solution – it ticked all the boxes for us. Our members tell us they love how easy it is to progress through the self-guided program, with many having made it to the advanced stage within the space of a single afternoon.

As an industry body with active members on the ERC platform, we find it incredibly easy to oversee their progress and we can pull large amounts of usable data & reports from the system in just the click of a button. The ERC team has also been incredibly receptive to our feedback and requests for customised solutions.

ERC is a great solution if you are seeking to connect industry members to a program that sets them on a path towards carbon neutrality and beyond.

Amy Hills, CEO and Lauren Cameron, Carbon Advisor, Tourism Industry Council Tasmania (TICT)
TCIT testimonial

Large Corporations

Key Benefits for Corporates


Who can join the ERC Protocol program?

Any micro, small, or medium-sized business in Australia looking to reduce its carbon footprint can join our program. No matter your industry or current level of carbon awareness, we're here to guide you.

Our program also tailors for Industry Associations and Large Corporates that are either looking to activate an Emissions Reduction Program that can be rolled out across their members or looking to comply with procurement standards.

Is this program suitable for businesses of any size?

Absolutely! Whether you're a solo entrepreneur or a growing SME, our program is designed to be flexible and accommodating to businesses of all sizes.

Do I need any prior knowledge about carbon reduction to participate?

Not at all! Our program is tailored to help businesses at any stage of their carbon reduction journey, even if you're just starting out.

How can ERC Australia help my business in the journey towards carbon neutrality?

We provide a five-stage program, guiding you from initial assessment to achieving measurable carbon reduction. Our cloud-based system simplifies the process, making 'going carbon-free' easy and achievable.

I have calculated my emissions with another service, can I still join the ERC Protocol?

Yes! You can input your emissions into our platform to help you develop and communicate an Emissions Reduction Plan to reduce your emissions. You can also use the ERC Protocol to link your plan to industry associations you are part of or larger corporations.