Case Study: Salamanca Wharf Hotel - A Journey Towards Reducing Emission with the Tourism Emissions Reduction Program

Located in the picturesque Battery Point, Tasmania, Salamanca Wharf Hotel operates as a boutique accommodation provider with 22 apartments. Since opening its doors in December 2012, the hotel, with its team of nine staff, has been dedicated to providing high-quality accommodation experiences while minimising its environmental impact. The hotel's core mission revolves around excellence, sustainability, and making a positive impact on the world.

Salamanca Wharf Hotel


Initially, Salamanca Wharf Hotel implemented basic energy-saving measures such as sensor lighting and key card-activated power slots in guest apartments. However, until a recent change in management, there was no significant progression in their sustainability efforts. One of the main challenges was the lack of industry support in creating an actionable sustainability plan. "Before adopting the ERC Protocol platform, one of the challenges that we faced was a lack of obvious industry support in creating a sustainability action plan to be able to have a basis to start from," reflected Jen Roberts, General Manager at Salamanca Wharf Hotel. This absence of a clear pathway hindered their ability to fully embrace their sustainability ambitions.

Implementation of the Tourism Emissions Reduction Program

The turning point came when the hotel management learned about the Tourism Emissions Reduction Program based on the ERC Protocol through a TICT newsletter. This discovery motivated them to engage deeply with the program, starting with the emissions calculator which initially seemed overwhelming but became instrumental in assessing their environmental footprint. "Using the emissions calculator was initially overwhelming, but it has been a very useful tool in helping to understand our current position," said the hotel’s management.

The process of integrating the Tourism Emissions Reduction Program into their business operations is ongoing, with the anticipation of challenges, particularly in managing emissions calculations regularly. The hotel is committed to continuing this integration and utilising the platform as a guide for its sustainability journey.

Salamanca Wharf Hotel, General Manager

Reflections on Progress and Future Prospects

Although specific immediate benefits and metrics are not yet available, the hotel intends to use the platform to keep its efforts accountable and mindful. 

"The intention is to use the platform as a guide moving forward, to help keep us accountable and mindful of how we are progressing, regardless of whether it’s slower or faster than anticipated," they stated. 

The hotel recommends the ERC Protocol platform to other businesses for its straightforward approach, which makes it easier for companies to start their sustainability journeys.

Salamanca Wharf Hotel's journey towards sustainability, powered by the ERC Protocol, highlights the transformative impact of structured guidance and tools in empowering businesses to enhance their environmental stewardship. As they continue to refine their operations and deepen their commitment to sustainability, they serve as an inspiring example for other businesses looking to begin or advance their green initiatives.

Check out the Salamanca Wharf Hotel Climate Action Plan here

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