Case Study: Silent Tours Embraces the Tourism Emissions Reduction Program based on the ERC Protocol

Silent Tours


Silent Tours, a dynamic tour operator in the Kimberleys North East, specialises in immersive nature experiences. Launched just last year, the business offers guided walks, Ord River boat cruises, nature photography, 4x4 scenic tours, and nature immersion experiences, all orchestrated by the passionate owner. Reflecting on their mission, the owner shares, "Silent Tours connects people to nature. In a high-paced world with many distractions, we help people slow down and appreciate the small and wonderful things in nature that are often overlooked."

Prior to adopting the ERC Protocol, Silent Tours was deeply committed to environmental stewardship, engaging in activities like bush clean-ups and wildlife care. Despite these efforts, the business lacked formal sustainability frameworks and clear carbon reduction targets. The owner explains, "The Tourism Emissions Reduction has formalised our sustainability and set future carbon reduction goals, moving us from good intentions to actionable plans."


A primary challenge for Silent Tours was the reliance on fossil-fuelled vehicles necessary for tour operations. "Our operations rely on fossil-fuelled vehicles, and although there's no viable alternative yet, the future looks bright," says the owner. The irony of promoting environmental safety while depending on fossil fuels presented both a reputational risk and a financial burden due to high fuel costs.

Implementation of the Tourism Emissions Reduction Program

Silent Tours discovered the Tourism Emissions Reduction Program through the WA Tourism Council, drawn by the alignment of the platform's values with its business ethos. "It aligns with the core values of our business," the owner remarked. The adoption process was straightforward, enhancing the company's strategic approach to sustainability. The owner reflects, "Integrating the TER Program brought a realisation that many sectors need to contribute to meaningful emission reductions. It's not just about us; it's about leading change across the industry."

Results and Benefits


The immediate benefit of adopting the Program was the ability to visually affirm their commitment to sustainability through the Tourism Emissions Reduction Commitment logo. This emblem serves as a beacon for customers seeking environmentally responsible tour operators. While direct financial savings are still to be realised, the strategic framework provided has positioned Silent Tours favourably in a competitive market.

Future Prospects and Insights

Looking forward, Silent Tours is committed to continuing its journey with the ERC Protocol. "This process has prompted further thought, and I will continue to monitor and evaluate potential changes," the owner states enthusiastically. He heartily recommends the Tourism Emissions Reduction Program to other businesses, emphasising, "The time spent planning will definitely pay off when opportunities to reduce emissions present themselves."

Through this program, Silent Tours has transformed its approach to sustainability from informal efforts to a structured and impactful strategy. The business stands as a testament to the power of strategic planning and the positive impact of embracing formal sustainability practices in the tourism industry. As the owner concludes, 

"Make a start – even if there is little that can be changed immediately, every step counts toward our sustainable future."

Check out Silent Tours Tourism Emissions Reduction Plan here

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