Native Forest Regeneration

Location: Paroo region, southwest Queensland

Scope: Spans over 19,000 hectares, focused on re-establishing native forests on previously cleared land.

Impact: Eliminates more than 195,000 tonnes of carbon emissions by fostering healthy tree growth. As thriving forests, they serve as crucial carbon sinks, aiding in climate change mitigation by absorbing and storing significant carbon dioxide.

Approach: Excludes livestock and implements effective pest management to ensure sapling growth and forest longevity.

Global Alignment: The Boobera Regeneration Project aligns with the United Nations Sustainability Goals, emphasizing its commitment to sustainable development.

Charleville - view of landscape and car driving
Sustainable development goals
The project meets the following United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:
Decent work and economic growth
Climate action
Life on land
Australian Government: Clean Energy Regulation
Unit type
Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs)
Carbon Farming Initiative (Human-Induced Regeneration of a Permanent Even-Aged Native Forest)
Project registration date
May 2020
Project ID
Boobera Carbon Project (ERF101805)