The New Leaf Carbon Project

Overview: "The New Leaf Carbon Project" is a pioneering initiative by not-for-profit Tasmanian Land Conservancy, dedicated to conserving landscapes sustainably. Covering 12,000 hectares in Tasmania, this project focuses on ecological restoration and biodiversity enhancement. 

Environmental Impact: "The New Leaf Carbon Project" aligns with the organisation’s broader goals of environmental conservation, and promoting sustainable land management practices. It stands as a testament to the power of community-driven initiatives in creating a positive environmental legacy. 

Key Objectives: 

  • Habitat Restoration: By nurturing native vegetation including old-growth forests, the project contributes to the revival of natural habitats for diverse flora and fauna. 
  • Climate Mitigation: The reforestation efforts actively capture and store carbon, addressing climate change at its roots. 
  • Biodiversity Conservation: The project plays a crucial role in preserving Tasmania's unique biodiversity and fostering resilient ecosystems. 

Community Engagement: Engaging local communities, the project encourages participation in conservation activities, fostering a sense of shared responsibility for Tasmania's natural heritage. 

Tinder Box Reserve - Matt Palmer
Sustainable development goals
The project meets the following United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:
Climate action
14 Life Below Water
Life on land
Australian Government: Clean Energy Regulator
Unit type
Kyoto Australian Carbon Credit Units
Carbon Farming Initiative -Designated Verified Carbon Standard Projects) Methodology Determination 2015
Project registration date
April 2015
Project ID